rom 9 to 11 February, SimCardioTest attended the World AI Cannes Festival. to present the research developped in the project to AI experts and to the general public.

Great success!

Two projects were presented on the booth:

  • inEurHeart, funded by EITHealth, an innovative project in Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin & Clinical Trial for a Disruption in Catheter Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia, making ablation therapy accessible to most patients. EIT Health provides a unique opportunity to transfer Artificial Intelligence tools to enable the scale-up phase, and to validate the technology through a randomised clinical trial.
  • SimCardioTest, H2020 project, to design new predictive tools in cardiac pathologies and aims to accelerate the uptake of computer simulations for testing medicines and medical devices. One objective is to provide a framework and wide approach of in-silico methods (Computer modelling and simulation) where generic and standardized elements can be used for other applications. The second one aims to demonstrate that such approach can help develop devices and drugs as well as reduce the cost and time to market and to gain the trust of scientists, companies, regulatory bodies, physicians, patients. The final objective is to impact the whole clinical trials, since this approach can replace some invasive aspects of these trials, and maybe provide novel biomarkers for more accurate clinical trials.
  • Both projects are coordinated by Maxime Sermesant, Inria.

The demos presented were:

– The digital twin in Computational Cardiology by Jairo RODRIGUEZ, Inria
– AI for portable cardiac function analysis by YingYu YANG, Inria
– Automatic prediction of cardiac arrhythmias/prediction automatique des arrhythmies cardiaques, Buntheng LY, Inria
– Mixed Reality planning tool for Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion, by Carlos ALBORS LUCAS & Marta SAIZ VIVÓ, UPF
– inHeart models by Jean MarcPEYRAT and Nicolas CEDILNIK,  inHeart
– AI and 3D electromechanical modelling for personalised cardiac resynchronisation therapy planning  by Gaetan DESRUES, Inria

More than 14000 visitors for this 2023 edition!

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