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What is inEurHeart ?

 inEurHeart is an artificial intelligence and digital twin innovation project aimed at revolutionising catheter ablation, a procedure performed in certain cardiac pathologies.



InEurHeart brings together the most suitable European partners to meet all the regulatory, technical, commercial and clinical requirements of the project.

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Inria is the French National Institute for Research in Digital Sciences. World-class research and technological innovation are part of its DNA, with the aim of developing and supporting scientific and entrepreneurial projects that create value for France, in a European perspective.  


The University Hospital of Bordeaux is a public health establishment . The CHU is placed under the supervision of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Aquitaine. The research carried out at the hospital is essentially clinical research and contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of care.



Erasmus University Rotterdam is a leading international research   university based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam.



inHEART is a startup committed to delivering the world’s most sophisticated, AI-enabled, digital twin of the heart to advance the care of patients living with cardiac disease. Its objective is to develop several years of research and high-level developments in the field of guiding interventions on cardiac rhythm disorders using 3D medical imaging.



The University of Bordeaux is a major multidisciplinary research university, rooted in its territories and with international influence.


Liryc – The Institute of Rhythmology and Cardiac Modelling – is a University Hospital Institute dedicated to research, care, medical innovation and training.


The National Institute of Health and Medical Research is the only French public research organisation entirely dedicated to human health


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