The technology used in inEurHEART is protected with two patents and a copyright on the software code.

  • The first patent “Method for the quantification of the presence of fats in a region of the heart” (WO2015165978A1 /US10275878B2) covers the segmentation of medical images to extract substrate localization.
  • The second patent “Method for the segmentation of a three-dimensional image for generating a model of a myocardial wall for the detection of at least one singular zone of electrical circulation” (WO 2018/206796 Al / US20200159973A1) covers the automatic identification of arrhythmogenic substrate from medical images, and particularly applicable to CT scans. This patent is key for the automatic identification of ablation targets used in the clinical trial.

Moreover, inHEART also owns its proprietary image processing software, which is a trade secret not accessible publicly, protected by the cloud-based service model where it is only used internally.

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