InnovaHeart 2023 in pictures

InnovaHeart is a joint European workshop on the digital heart for a future where personalised cardiac care and healthcare innovations accelerate thanks to in-silicotrials & computational cardiology. InnovaHeart – edition 2023 – was organised in Bordeaux, France, 22 March 2023.

The European Commission ambitions to develop an integrated human digital twin in Europe, as well as to create a diverse ecosystem in modelling and simulation approaches with a coherent roadmap. Cardiovascular diseases are identified as one strategic use case of interest for clinical trials supported by digital twinning technologies.

Within this framework, a one day-workshop on the Digital Heart, initiated by the EU funded project SimCardioTest, and co-organised by the EU-funded Research and Innovation Actions SIMCorSimInSitu, the Coordination and Support Action EDITH and the EIT Health project inEurHeart gathered the European scientific community, start-ups, SMEs and industrial companies working on the digital heart, on the 22nd of March in Bordeaux.


Welcome & Opening  Françoise Jeanson, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
Kyriacos Hatzaras, European Commission – DG CNECT
Alexis Pacquit, EIT Health France
The digital heart, presentation of the 5 EU projects Maxime Sermesant & Michèle Barbier, Inria

IT’IS Foundation Virtual Population a successful example of Virtual Cohort – Bryn Lloyd, IT’IS Foundation

Virtual cohort generation and multi-level validation for in-silico trials – Wouter Huberts, Technical University Eindhoven

EDITH CSA on the digital twins, Raphaelle Lesage, VPHi

Virtual cohorts : practical use-cases and tools
Chairmen Jan Brüning, Charité Universitäts-medizin Berlin and Maxime Sermesant, Inria with  Guilhem Fauré, Microport, Gaëtan Desrues & Josquin Harrison, Inria and Wouter Huberts, Technical University Eindhoven

 Causal AI for in-silico trials – Irene Balelli, Inria

ASME V&V40 Working Group #3 – Patient-Specific Modelling – Tiered  Validation  ApproachNils Götzen, 4RealSim Services BV

Regulatory bodies, medical devices & in-silico trials – Cécile Rousseau, VCLS/ Avicenna Alliance

Roundtable. From technological readiness to evidence requirements:
what is still needed to implement in-silico clinical trials (iSCT) in regulatory practice?
Chairman: Claudio Capelli, University College London; Jan Brüning, Charité –
Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Speakers: Jérôme Fabiano (EIT Health France), Raphaelle Lesage, (VPHi), Cécile Rousseau (VCLS/Avicenna Alliance),

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